Capabilities Statement Our USPS OIG Telecom and Information Technology Audits Services & NAICS Code:
​To Whom It May Concern:

Our emphasis is on plain English explanations and advice to our clients. This gives you the advantage of becoming an 
informed consumer in this highly Technical field. We're tough advocates of your best interest when we deal with Vendors on your behalf.
​As consultants, we have no loyalty to or association With any vendor of telecommunication and information technology hardware or services.

How we can help:                                                                       Wallace Enterprise has the following core competencies:

. preparation of telecom, computer systems specifications    . Core competency 1 (NAICS Code: 541618 Telecom
                                                                                                      Management Consulting Services.
. systems bid evaluation and selection                                  . Core competency 2 (NAICS Code: (541219 Other Accounting)  

. vendor negotiations                                                            . Core competency 3 (NAICS Code: 541611 Analysis    
​                                                                                                Administrative Management Consulting Services
. project management and systems implementation             . Core competency 4 (NAICS Code: 541990 Contingency 
​                                                                                                   Funding Price)
. PBX, voice messaging, and voice interactive systems

. voice network optimization                                                  .Core competency 5 (NAICS Code: 561110 Cost and Profitability
​                                                                                               Analysis)

Areas of particular expertise include:                                   . Core competency 6 (NAICS Code: 541513 Support Services 
​                                                                                               Pricing)
. communications systems disaster preparedness and recovery  . Core competency 7 (NAICS Code: 541512 Computer
​                                                                                                        Consulting Services)
. healthcare telephony                                                          . Core competency 8 (NAICS Code: 541519 Installation Main &
​                                                                                                Repair of Security Hardware & Security Management Systems)
. campus and complex multi - site environments                   . Core competency 9 (NAICS Code: 541511 Spending Analysis
​                                                                                                Support)
. solving long stand service complaints                              . Core competency 10 NAICS Code: 541211 Auditing Services 

. specially designed staff in service who provide expertise 
  in bill auditing and voice system utilization

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hourly per- established caps for each U. S. Postal Service Office Of Inspector General Audit Organizations.

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