USPS OIG Prime Contractor Reference - Certified Information Systems Auditor

United States Postal Services Reference:

U.S.Postal Services Experience 21 year apply on this U.S.Postal Services Office of Inspector General Audit Prime Contractor President & CEO Management Information Systems Auditor contractor manager in 12/20/1989 and receive on 01/03/1990. EIN No: 04-3820393 DUNS: 13-9019579 and Cage Code: 3LPB7 ?

 1976 to 1990- 21 Year U.S. Postal Services 401 D. F. W. Free Way Dallas, TX  75260 Mr. Bergson Postal Services Plant Building Manager (214) 214-760-4352, Kirk Doug Supervisor (214) 760)-4352, Jame Skinner Federal Contractor Of Transportation  Department 214) 818-8853, and L. A. Jackson Plant Building Manager and Mr.Bergson Building Plant Manager, Clifford Orange Post Master.

1972 to 1976 Terminal Annex 207 S. Houston Dallas TX Mr. Masefield Post Master and Mr.John Ginning Building Plant Manager and Bright-son Supervisor, is now Main Post Office.

1969 to 1972 Parcel Post Annex Industrial Station, Dallas, TX 75207 Mr. Jerry Rose, Plant Building Manager, Mr. Fetcher Post Master Ed Thomasin Building Manager, Mr. Hathaway Plant Building Manager, L. A. Jackson and Paul May Supervisor, now B M C.

03/30/2002 U. S. Postal Services 475 L'Enfant Plaza S.W. Washington D. C. 20260-5651,  Susann and Roann Buyer and Manager Paula Garner Profile United State Postal Services Office of Inspector General Audit (202) 266-4102. 

North Texas P & D.C. 951 Bethel Road Coppell TX 75099- Human Resource Department (972) 393-6780 is the new one.

1979 to 1982 Brook Hollow Postal Services 2732 Envoy St Dallas, TX Post Master Paul May and Supervisor Mr. Thomas   .
Barbara Reagor at 214-819-7109 Southwest Contingency Planning for Your Business.

Marvin Benham  at 1-919-501-9226 Internal I T Supervisor Washington D. C
​American Institute College of Certified Public Accountant CISA CIA CITP - Train by Andrew Garcia Senior Auditor.
Telecommunications/ I T Computer Science Master PHD Degree 1996 to 2002.
Certified Information Systems Auditor.
Prime Contractor Title: Telecommunications Consultant.

Eddie Bernice Johnson Congress of the United State in - charge of Government Contracting Small Business Development Centers  for Prime Contractor,  Subcontractor,  I am  her nephew  214-922- 8885 & 202- 225- 8885 Director Ericka.

"Mr. Cecil Wallace of Wallace Recovery Overcharge Consulting LLC, my client, has extensive background in the area of telephone, information technology and telecommunications audits.  Please give him every consideration for opportunities which may arise."

Charles P. Waldrop
Center for Government Contracting
Small Business Development Center