About Us: We Are A Telecom, I T Auditing & Telecom, I T Expense Management Company
Wallace Enterprise as a leading Telecommunications and  Information Technology Management Company,

 we offer expert Telecom , I T Consulting and Telecommunications, I T  Management services. Wallace Enterprise. The Leader in Telecom, I T Cost Reduction, recovers and saves companies millions of dollars each year through telecom, I T audits, contract negotiations, and ongoing Telecom, I T Expense Management (TEM).
How is Wallace Enterprise
We are a trusted Telecom, I T Audit company that provides competitive models in the Telecom, I T  and Telecom, I T bill management industry while providing high return on investment and unmatched in results. Wallace Enterprise contingency based Telecom, I T Audit consists of identifying and recovering overcharges while analyzing and improving existing contracts which dramatically impact the bottom line. Wallace Enterprise provides U. S. Postal Services Office Inspector General Audit Organizations representation only to leverage purchasing power. The client maintains complete control of the project during the Telecom, I T audit process.
Wallace Enterprise not only finds billing errors and savings opportunities, but implements and validates Telecom, I T expense reduction as new bills arrive. The proof is in the savings.

Wallace Enterprise Assets:
With staff and resources strategically placed geographically, Wallace Enterprise can address all Telecom, I T audit, RFP, and Telecom, I T Expense Management needs. Our  strength is in knowing how to deal with with telecom providers and in helping clients understand their telecommunications, information's technology billing disputes is unsurpassed, holding carriers accountable to contract terms, and providing clients with the lowest prices and best contracts.

In most cases when Wallace Enterprise conducts a telecom, information technology audit, either the bills are wrong (80% of the time), or the rates and terms of vendor contracts are poor (95% of the time). Wallace Enterprise maintains a track record of saving clients 26% of their annual telecom, information technology spending.

Wallace Enterprise recognized for its ex-posited in Telecom , I T Security and Computer Systems expense management, network infrastructure and network protection service a wide range of clients from  U S and International U. S. Postal Services Office Inspector General Audit Organizations. We pride on our ability to provide solutions in both legacy systems as the most advanced wireless technologies.
The company was formed in 2002 by industry specialists in telecommunications and information 
technology audits finance integration background to form a consulting company proven expertise to meet virtually and telecom , information technology or catacomb need. In 2002 Wallace Enterprise 
substantial experience with U. S. Postal Services federal governments clients has provided Wallace 
Enterprise new growth opportunities.Our credentials to service clients extend for beyond U S,  International
U.S. Postal Services Office of Inspector General Audit Organizations World Wide. Federal Communications Commission regulates telecommunications services work with us Auditor include rules to ensure that telephone bill clearly indicate the services for which you are being billed.​