Services: Our Telecom, I T audits Offer Real Savings & Upfront Charges 

We are an industry leader in telecommunications, information technology auditing.

A telecom, information technology can save your company money. Every company want to
 cut costs and gain an edge on the competition, and a comprehensive Telecom, I T Auditing is
 a great place to start. These bottom-line issues are the concern of executives who want to
 reshape their companies to meet the challenges of the new economy.  Electronic commerce,
e-mail, online customer support, mobile work and sales forces are disruptive forces driving 
Telecommunications, I T needs today, all making Telecom, I T auditing even more important.

Telecommunication cost are fast becoming one of the large expense and most complex areas 
to challenge management for companies today. It's no longer just a matter of  adding more
telephone and trying to get the lowest rate on minute or data. If the telecommunications
infrastructure is not adequate to meet the escalating demand placed on it, it will be an inhibitor
of a company's growth.  Conducting a Telecom, I T audit is necessary to ensure cost

Each company is faced with tremendous pressures to control expenses, and yet they are inundated
with more choices of services, than they've ever had before.  Often it seems that  despite many rates
going down, spend rates are increasing! Wallace Enterprise, has been helping companies better control
better control cost since 2002. Our certified telecommunications  and information technology auditors have
experience in working with the myriad of phone, computer bills. We we also utilize specialized, effective
software in our process.

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Telecoms, I T Audits Are Our Special

with a significant error rate in telecommunications and information technology billing still in existence today,
 Wallace Enterprise strength in telecom auditing and the implementation of telecom, information technology
 cost reduction is critical to resolving these issues.

An "audit" includes any telecommunications audit, information technology audit and wireless services audit.
Typically for most clients this includes: local service, long distance, toll free, wireless, teleconferencing, web
conferencing, data services. Our contingency based telecom audit will also include charge for telephone
and equipment maintenance. Wallace Enterprise experts review the bills for errors and report back with savings
and  refund opportunities. Upon approvals, Wallace Enterprise then implements and validates savings. Our
telecom and information technology auditing are provided on a contingency basis. There are up front hourly fee or
 charges. Business is earned by finding savings.

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 information technology consulting services.