Testimonials: To U. S .Postal Service Managements Staff
Since 2002 Wallace Enterprise Telecommunications, I T is a full service telecommunications auditing and consulting firm. We also provide information
 technology auditing and consulting has provided our clients across the continental United States, International to the Office Of Inspector General Audit Law Enforcement U. S. Postal Services Organization.

The Dallas, Texas Main Postal Services
401 D.F.W Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75260

Testimonials 21 Year Experience:

United Postal Service Office  Of Inspector 
General Audit Organization Experience 26 Year
Federal Contractor - Prime Contractor = 47 Year Senior: :

To L . A. Jackson Plant Building Manager, Jame Skinner, Kirk.Doug Supervisors- Main Postal Services Dallas, TX 75260 work 12/03/69 to 03/07/90.
I just wanted to say thank for your excellent service and care with you for  21 years of experience and you have always been willing to go mile in service servicing my company. And 26 year with the U S Postal Service Office Of Inspector Audit 1990 to 2016 = 47 year Senior.
If anyone ever wanted a high recommendation for their telecommunication and Information systems, accounting finance services.Cecil  you get it from me!
I like to think you Mr. Bergson U. S. Postal Services Plant Building Building Manager for making sure I Cecil  apply 11/04/1989 and receive 01/30/1990 this Management Company Administrator Information Systems Auditor sub set of side sub-federal  prime contractor managing of U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General Audit I T operation and having Paula Garner supervisor  Washington D. C supplier profile registration calling and told me you are a Prime Contractor now and will you put Federal Contractor Telecommunication Consultant and Information Systems Auditor CISA on your business minded professional person cards 2004 large set of side of U. S. Postal Service Officer of inspector General Audit Law Enforcement Organization, meeting other business minded professional college & university 6 and 4 year degrees (CEO, CFO, VPs peoples) building great friendships and a strong network.
I've never actually taken the time to thank you for making me a contractor; the service you have provided I T and Telecom has been remarkable.

I like to thank you Mr. Bergson U. S. Postal Service Plant Building Manager and Uncle Australia King United States Postal Service Office Of Inspector General Auditor Law Enforcement Department Company Administrator Contractor !! Thank again keep up the good work God Bless You. Uncle Australia King, Mr. Bergson and all there U. S. Postal Service Management staffs.
Being the CEO of a fairly large Telecommunications and Information Technology company, I Laughed when Wallace Enterprise promised that they could save me money. My staff is comprised of Telecom and I T experts, and being in the Industry, we know all about the competitive rate wars out there and we make sure to take advantage of the offers. When Wallace Enterprise delivered a 44 % rate reduction I was shocked! When I learned that the saving was with our current provider I was stunned."
- FedCon - 1

Having been involved in an external Telecom and IT Audit before, I had high expectations.
Wallace Enterprise delivered, and then some. They even went back to bills that had been previously audited and found me more refunds! I highly recommend Wallace Enterprise!
- Reliance I T

i must admit initial skepticism. How much could we be missing? a six-figure refunded and annual savings of $900,000 !!! I am very glad that we brought Wallace Enterprise in."
- J.I.S Technologies