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 Federal Contractor Cecil H. Wallace, Jr Managing Chief Executive Officer Company Administrator. (Capabilities Statement)

Cecil has 21 year experience with the Main  U. S. Postal Services 401 D.F.W Freeway Dallas, Texas 75260 as subcontractor Mail Handler Senior Tech, Engineer M36 Operator, Supervisor, including a relief Information Systems Audit and Internal Auditor and on11/04/1989 apply for a Federal Contractor President/CEO Management Position Information Systems Auditor Large set of U. S. Postal Service Office Of Inspector General Audit Law Enforcement Organizations I T Operations receive 01/30/1990 + 01/30/2016 = 26 year  21 year + 26 = 47 year Senior.
Wallace Enterprise  Information Systems  Audit Office of Investigations, Office of Audits to act as your  Telecommunications, information Technology Consultant on your behalf. Wallace Enterprise is a large set side of U. S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General Audit Organization's Law Enforcement Agency,s we agree to conduct a  fraud, waste, misconduct and abuse doing Telecommunications and Information Technology Audit Investigation by analyzing your Telecommunications and Information Technology books, documents, billings reports and records for errors in all there equipment's. Dealing with all  of  there lines. Telecom, I T Expense Management (T.E.M). Telecom, I T invoice audit for dove 26% saving Inventory Management, Billing Process Optimization, Billing Analysis, and Reports Monthly Telecom, I T Cost Reduction and Cost Control Other (T.E.M)  Services MAC
(Telecom and I T moves, adds, and changes) Telecommunications Cost Management,  
Telecom Service Optimization. Telecom and I T Project Management Are you considering any of these upcoming projects: Migrating technology to the Cloud, Saas or Volp. Developing a systems to track your wireless devices.Converting from one vendor to another.
Building an inventory of circuits and POTS lines.Telecom  and I T Audit Complete detailed audit and analysis of telecommunications, information technology, security, systems, Internet, installation, equipment bills charges invoices. Our telecom and I T auditing brings budget cost reduction Telecommunications / Information Technology Providers Governments, Postal OIG Audit Administrations in the United States And International  Experience 47 years (Doing  Business with USPS OIG Audit as a Contractor Suppliers doing my work writing Proposal).